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Patents / Utility Models
For effective securing of patent and utility model rights, it is essential to work with legal practitioners having in-depth knowledge of the related laws and regulations, as well as the related technologies. Honesty & JR Partners protects your inventions through in-depth consultations and flawless services in the proceedings of application, prosecution and registration.
Trademark / Service Mark
Trademarks or service marks are used to distinguish your products or services from those of others and will become an important aspect of your business. To effectively protect your trademarks/service marks, Honesty & JR Partners rapidly and accurately searches existing marks registered as trademark/service marks based on years of service and know-how to help you obtain the trademark/service mark you desire.
Since design is a form of advertisement or publicity and bears specific properties, it becomes an important element of product selection. To effectively protect your valuable designs, Honesty & JR Partners quickly and accurately searches prior designs and provides the clients with the strategies on design applications for various merchandizes.
Trial / Litigation
In case of disputes regarding intellectual property rights, KIPO’s trials and civil/criminal actions are simultaneously raised, so it is important to have strengths in both procedures. Honesty & JR Partners has recruited patent attorneys who used to be trial judges at KIPO and who have years of experience in international disputes. Not only that, we have attorneys at law specialized in IP, which are to be recognized for their unmatched performances in various IP related litigations. Also, we provide comprehensive legal services to protect your business credit and trade secrets (know-how) and undergo various administrative procedures to quickly end infringement.
Licensing / Transaction
Honesty & JR Partners provides IP transaction and licensing services so that you can utilize the value of your intellectual property rights and receive compensations. We not only prepare IP transactions and license agreements, but we also provide consulting service on licensing strategies for companies for the establishment of efficient license policies and consulting service on intellectual property right issues in establishment of a joint venture or M&A of technology companies.
Search / Appraisal / Valuation
Honesty & JR Partners provides prior art search, clearance search and Patent Map (PM) services to understand direction and trends of technology research and development in and out of Korea, classify and analyze a broad range of patented technology information, and help clients understand the technology information they need and plan their research and development in the right direction. We also offer legal opinions on patent infringement and strategies on patent infringement avoidance to avoid or prepare patent infringement litigation. We calculate the value of trade for introduction, sale, or licensing of technology, calculate losses in legal disputes concerning patent infringement and default on obligation, and appraise technology value for loans or division/restructuring. Furthermore, we evaluate business feasibility of technology and new business projects where the technology will be applied.

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